Saturday, January 7, 2012

Adventureland Art at the Disneyland Hotel...

Staying at the Disneyland Hotel can be an Adventure.
With Trader Sam's and the Adventureland Towers it is a great place for a fan of Adventure.  We stopped at the bottom floor of the Adventureland Towers to check out some of the cool Jungle Cruise Artwork.

Monkey with a Gun

They have their trunks on.

Checking to see if it is loaded

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  1. Thanks for posting the concept art of Adventureland. I suspect you know they are the work of Disney Imagineering (and Studio) legend Harper Goff. While I was an Imagineer (1985-92) I had the good fortune of working on projects for which we sought his assistance. Though long-retired, he was always keen on coming back to "the Sandbox" to pitch in. On one of his visits, he was kind enough to sign my 1958 Disneyland map. I purchased it on my family's first visit to Disneyland (having moved to So. Cal from Minnesota in the Summer of '57.) I Still have that map. It has never been folded. In this days park maps were printed on heavy archival paper, roles, in a cardboard tube. All for the price of ...wait for it ...50¢ !! It also bares the signature of Sam McKim (who drew that entire map) and about a dozen other old time Imagineers. It is my most cherished Disney possession, I have lots. (Looking forward to my first visit to Trader Sam's and the opening of the Florida outpost of Sam's at the "Polyester Resort." I was part of the original team for pleasure Island and did a lot of prop buying, story & character development, and cast directing for the Adventurerererer's Club. The typed captions for ALL the photos hanging in the Club were type on cheap newsprint paper using a Royal portable typewriter that I still own! Please visit my blog where you can watch my TED Talk "Recapturing Your Creative Spirit" and download a FREE PDF of the opening pages (and complete first chapter) of my latest book, "HATCH!: Brainstorming Secrets of a Theme Park Designer." ~ Thanx again, McNair Wilson, blog: - - direct email: