Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Going off the grid for the week--See you on the other side

Going off the grid for the week--See you on the other side

Temple of the Forbidden Eye A Photo Blog

Ok  last bit of Indiana Jones for the day.
Here is a quick photo blog trip to The Temple of the Forbidden Eye  --brought to you by the Great Tiki  of course.
Aloha folks  --the Great Tiki here with another Disney photo blog.
Beware of the Snakes!  there are lots of Snakes.
I warned you about the snakes.
The Dark parts of Disneyland --Skulls --skulls everywhere
Someone spiked his drink at last weeks  Temple party.
Hey more dead people

Unlock the mysteries

Don't Look into Mara's Eyes
Damn it Someone in the jeep looked again ---Bastards
Did U mention there might be some snakes --Can't believe this came out--moving all fast and everything)
Indy is about to have a Ball in the Temple
Well  time to leave the Jungle   --is everything packed and ready to go.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Disneyland Picture of the day (The Grid)

Flying with Goofy Part 2-------"AHHHHHHHHHHH"

Here is the map of our flight plan...Looks good to me...

Our Pilot was a little on the Goofy Side

And liftoff was a blast....This other student didn't have as much luck as we did

Not everyone is an experiment flyer....


Well we survived to fly another day......

Flying with Goofy Garsh! Part 1

Learning to fly with Goofy???   Because all of his other  Learning videos were so successful

One must never be to chicken to attempt to fly!

Have no fear!

Wait a second is this school legit???

Okay well it looks like his license checks out

Now let's watch this quick instructional video
Goofy's Glider  1940

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Advertising Disney: Part 1 You know your a Disney fan when you get excited by Disney ads

Whether it comes in the mail or you see it while you are out and about.   Do you get excited  when you get or see Disney Advertising???  That is one of the warning signs that you are addicted to Disney.
I get the Mailer from El Capitan and whether it is for a movie I'm even wanting to see I get a little excited.  I will definitely be heading out there for Cars 2 because it looks exciting.

I so wish I had the money to buy a Timeshare at the Disney Hawaiian  Resort....I've already been to a presentation just for fun.....I'm afraid if I go to another my wife will give me that  "Let's do it look" (and by let's do it I mean go broke buying a Disney Timeshare.

I was thrilled by this ad I saw on a Run in Seal Beach on the side of Newspaper machine

They even have Disney ads on the Trash cans at the beach

And the huge billboards everywhere I go