Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Super, Fantastic, Terrific Podcast #10 Star Wars Trailer and Part 2 of Disney Discussion

As we brace ourselves for Star Wars to invade the parks.  

Here is the link to our latest movie podcast.
We discuss the new Star Wars Trailer.   Wow I can't believe this movie is less than 2 months away.

Then finish up our Disneyland discusssion with a trip down memory lane as we virtually wander through Disneyland

In case you missed part 1 of the discussion on our Podcast check out that Podcast as well where we discuss the controversial movie Escape From Tomorrow, Star Wars Land and the Disney attractions that are no more that we miss the most,

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Monday, October 26, 2015

The Good Dinosaur: A Sneak Peek at the Disneyland Resort

The latest Disney Parks Movie Sneak Peek is The Good Dinosaur currently in the Bug’s Life Theater.

I’m a huge fan of these movie sneak peeks that use the 4-D in theater effects to enhance the movie experience.   The Good Dinosaur sneak wasn’t presented in 3-D –but did effectively include the theater effects such as in theater lighting,  water effects and an incredible scene which included the seat effects.

Here is a cool picture of some of the characters outside the theater.

This movie wasn’t really on my radar to see in the theaters—but as usual they may have changed after seeing this cool sneak peek.  
I was surprised at the cool visuals in the film,  since I hadn’t seen anything that cool from the film’s first trailer.  It looks great and the 2 main characters are adorable and the sneak peek into the movies story makes it look like a lot of fun.  The story is basically a what if the asteroid hadn't killed all the Dinosaurs and follows a boy named Spot and a Dinosaur named Arlo.

Could this be Pixar’s First Flop?

Despite how good the sneak peek was this film had issues during production and was reworked by Pixar that didn’t feel it was good enough at first…..I think Pixar has solved whatever initial issues the film had because it looks like another great Pixar film now.   Pixar basically has the best movie batting average ever… They don’t seem to make bad movies---so I’m sure it will be great.   My only concern is for the box office future of the flick –between the Ice Age films and Land Before Time and Disney’s own Dinosaur.  It just seems like this ground has been stomped on too many times before.  The one thing this film lacks that the other Pixar films has is an original story.   As a result this particular film may get lost in the shuffle.    (Of course I've been wrong before)

Check out Part 2 of our Disney Discussion on our Podcast

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

My Ideas for a Star Wars Casino and Theme Park: Before Disney bought Star Wars and announced new Movies and a Themed Land

This is an old Reposting of a blog originally on Myspace years ago ....Before Disney bought Star Wars and decided to make new movies and a Star Wars Themed Land.......

Here it is again---my idea for a Star Wars Themed Vegas  Hotel/Casino and theme park.  Unfortunately  grand ideas  fall flat when you have no artistic ability to draw the ideas in your head    Here is the basic idea.    It incorporates  a Disneyland type  theme Park model (Go figure)  --includes some pre-existing Star Wars  Disney rides --and then just adds on the concept.  Of course lacking Concept art (like I said my drawing ability --as demonstrated in my Skewer Baby artwork is severely lacking)  so instead I will just include a few Star Wars pics from the web to hopefully give a little visuals to the ideas.    

The Great Tiki Presents
Brad's  old  Star Wars Theme Park Idea

You could have a Hotel in the middle of the desert shaped like a giant landed Star Destroyer.

The Hotel would be a Hotel and casino--that would be Star Wars themed and inspired.  At the time of my idea they didn't have Star Wars slots yet but now they do. (so bring on the slots)

You could have Sabaac the gambling game in the Star Wars Books.

Behind the Hotel would be a Theme Park.  Laid out like Disneyland with Mos Eisley as Main Street and shops and the Mos Eisley Cantina  (of course the animatronic Bith Band like that seen in this picture I took at FAP Swartz Toy Store in Caesar's Palace years ago. would be perfect.

MOS Eisley

Landspeeder rides down Mos Eisley instead of the fire trucks on Main Street.

Off one side street of Mos Eisley would be the  Jabba's Palace Lunch and dinner show.

For lunch and dinner --you would eat in Jabba's palace with Giant Animatronic Jabba overlooking the lunch and dinner show that could include all sorts of Star Wars themed entertainment al la dinner shows like Wild Bill's or Medieval Times. With Twilek servers and cool characters walking around. One part of the show would be Bossh walking in with Chewie like scene from movie and Hologram Luke scene from movie as well.

Since it is Vegas they could even have a late night Adult only late night show as well with Topless slave dancers --and Slave Leia.
(since I first wrote this years ago Star Wars Burlesque is something I've been to in Los Angeles.)  

Also there is a fun interactive underground tunnels of Jabba's Palace walk through exhibit

Near Jabba's Palace would be a Test Track Style Podrace ride  with indoor and outdoor sections.

The Central Hub would instead of a castle be a giant Star Tours facility that would transport people to the other Planets (or lands if you will) --There would be of course walk by entrances for those not wishing to take the Star Tours Type rides to different destinations.

One Star Tours ride would drop you off at the Death Star.   A Large Building connected to the Star Tours Facility .  This 3 story building would house Death Star Laser Tag

This section would also house X-wing and Tie Fight Simulator training

And an Imperial themed store and Throne Room Photo op in the Emperor's Chair.

Of course one land would be Endor with an  Ewok Village ----and as others have said and probably thousands have already thought of and Speeder Bike Rollercoaster Ride through the forest of Endor ---Think the side by side track coasters with trees as obstacles.

The Endor Village would of course have Ewok actors and Photo Ops.   A C3PO Fireplace Storytime for children around a campfire a la Redwood Creek trail at DCA. 

It would also have rope bridges and rope ladders for the kids to play in.  Also on Endor would be a full Scale Walk Through Mock up of the Millennium Falcon----think Toontown house walk throughs--but the Millennium Falcon  with Hologames on chess board.

Wicket's Restaurant--think Rainforest --made to look like you are dining in the trees.and of course based on Wicket's Hang Glider in the Ewok Movies'    Wicket's Soaring over Endor--which would fly past Walkers and Imperial forest base.

Another section would be Hoth where you would walk through Ecco Base ice Station on your way on your way to a dark ride --that would take you on a small transport through scenes from Hoth. The Hoth Ice Tour Company Indy style ride takes you past Rebels Fighting in bunkers----Through the legs of a giant At-At --and finally through a Wampa ice cave where you are nearly attacked by a Wampa.

There would be an Echo Base Store and restaurant .  Photo Ops with a Tantaun.

One section would be the  Jedi Temple ----Would have Jedi Training for the Younglings ----Jedi dining -think The Magic castle  in LA  with a  Jedi host does magic tricks during dining experience. If technology improved you could have simulated Lightsaber dueling game where you where headsets and battle WI style with lightsaber against alien opponents.

And of course the Jedi Council Yoda Photo Op

Check out Part 2 of our Disney Discussion on our Podcast
Where we briefly discuss the Star Wars Trailer

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Why Does Nightmare Before Christmas not have Stage Musical Version of it Already?

Halloween is almost here……The Haunted Mansion already has its holiday makeover and the movie has been airing on TV.   I’m talking about A Nightmare Before Christmas of course, which I caught the other day during one of those airing.  I absolutely love this movie.  It has become an absolute must watch Holiday movie.   I was a big Oingo Boingo fan before I even knew who Tim Burton was.  Halloween used to mean going to Irvine Meadows for a Halloween Oingo Boingo concert.    Then Danny Elfman stopped making Rock songs and became the top notch composer.  Tim Burton  and Danny Elfman made a perfect team.    They have collaborated on so many movies together----but Nightmare Before Christmas was by far the perfect storm of their collaboration.  
I was watching the movie –like I do every year and I just kept thinking and wondering…..Why hasn’t this been turned into a stage muscial yet?   I’ve thought of this before –but  now with Halloween approaching I can’t stop wondering about it.….Monty Python and the Holy Grail has a Musical,  The Evil Dead has a Musical……Why has Nightmare Before Christmas not received this treatment?

I’m not talking a full blown Broadway production---but why not at the parks.     Aladdin is closing soon at DCA after an amazing 10 year run and is being replaced by the hit film Frozen.  How awesome would it be to have a seasonal version of  the Nightmare Before Christmas Musical during the Halloween and Christmas season.     The sets would be amazing…..Halloweentown with its German Expressionist look and style.   The characters and costumes would be totally cool.

The movie wasn’t a huge hit when it came out –but it quickly became a Holiday classic in the same way that A Christmas Story did.    Nightmare Merchandise was hard to find and in big demand.  The popularity grew and grew and more and more Merchandise started to come out years after the film.  The Mansion got a makeover for part of the year.   I guess the closest we will get is if you are lucky enough to head to the Hollywood Bowl  this Halloween.   Danny Elfman will be performing the songs from the film live .   Halloween Night is compeltely sold out --but they have added Sunday night as well.   (I wish we could go this year --but we have other plans)

How cool would a Nightmare Before Christmas Musical be??? 
What are your thoughts.

Check out Part 2 of our Disney Discussion on our Podcast

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tomorrowland 2015 9 out of 10: A Movie Review

Tomorrowland 2015  9 out of 10

I’ve been waiting for Tomorrowland to come out for awhile.  It is one of those films that I was looking forward to seeing in the theaters –but never got around to for some reason.

My wife and I had seen the great 4-D sneak peek for the movie at Disneyland and its ties to the 1964 World’s fair and mysterious nature intrigued me.  

Here is a link to my thoughts on the sneak peek with pictures of the movies props.

The film turned out a little different than I had imagined it would.  It was part action adventure and part comedy which didn’t come across in the trailers.  

The film didn’t perform as well as Disney hoped it would at the box office which was a disappointment since it was original film as opposed to a reboot, remake or sequel.  I hate when films I like don’t do as well at the box office as they should. 
I can see how it was a hard movie to market….to get across what the movie was about without ruining the story.   I absolutely loved the marketing personally.  The mystery of Tommorrowland left me looking forward to the film.     

Disney Connection

Being a huge Disney fan I loved the links to the Small World and the 1964 World’s Fair –being a gateway to this magical place.  Between this movie and Escape From Tomorrow   (add link to blog and podcast here)   a ride on the Small World will never be the same again.     What kid hasn’t fantasized about a secret path on the Small World.   Aside from the Small World ride of course the name of the film itself is named after the land in the parks.  The theme of the film reminds me of Walt's vision for Epcot.

The movie iteself:

The concept and story of the film are magical.  I love the concept of the film and this secret place where all of the world’s imaginative people have created something special.  The best part of the film was near the start when you get to actually visit Tomorrowland in all it’s glory through the eyes of the main character (played by Brit Robertson) as she first experiences it via the magical Tomorrowland pin.  Tomorrowland looks amazing.  
 I will revisit this part of the film many times just to take it all in.  One of the biggest complaints about the film was that we didn’t spend enough time there…..(but that would have made the movie cost even more and slowed down a good story).     Of course no Utopia ever ends up prefect and Tomorrowland is no different.   The main character becomes the only hope to save humanity and its future.   With the help of a good Animatronic girl and a grumpy old George Clooney (that was once an optimistic young boy at the beginning of the film) she must give the world hope and save the day.  The message of the movie is great….  Imagination and Optimism need to thrive….. The story that delivered that message was fun and entertaining.    I would totally recommend this film.    It made for a great family movie night.

I can’t wait to dive into the bonus features ---which I will discuss in a future post.

Check out Part 2 of our Disney Discussion on our Podcast. 
We Briefly discuss the Star Wars Trailer, Tomorrowland movie and all things Disneyland

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