Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Disneyland blog will be slowing down to once a week (sometimes more when the material is available)

Having successfully posted most of my older blogs and pictures,  I'm slowing down a little (for lack of material).  I will occasionally post more than once a week ---when Disneyland trips or material allow...
or a picture of the day or item of Disney interest comes across my radar.

Disneyland Picture of the day (Toon in for the news)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Look Back: To the little Animated show that was in DCA

A cute little show aimed at kids where the "Animators" would come out on stage and the characters that they drew would come to laugh and dance and sing.....Well you get the picture...   Or  you can from these pictures

Sorcerer Mickey takes the Stage

Princess Time!

Woody getting Animated

Video of the day : Sticking with the Coke Corner theme

It is Piano Time on Main Street.
Another great thing about Disneyland has always been the music.   Whether it is the area music in the background as you walk through the park or live music like the Disneyland band or The Dapper Dans, or the piano players on Main Street.   The music of Disneyland is something that sets the mood.   So enjoy it whether you are just passing by or actually stopping to take it in.   It is one of the little details that  make Disneyland so Magical.

Video from You Tube  Mr DAPS

Disneyland Picture of the day (The small details on Main Street Coke Corner))

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Look at Aulani ---opening in just a few days in Hawaii

Here is a cool little video  from  D23  I found on  Youtube about the Aulani which opens this week.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Disneyland video of the day: Indiana Jones at D-land

The short lived little Indiana Jones show that was at Disneyland the summer The Crystal Skull came out in Theaters.  It was low key and cheesy---but it was Indiana Jones.....Since Raiders of the Lost Ark is my favorite movie of all-time....I was happy to have anything Indiana Jones in the parks.
Found this video of some of the action on youtube today

And here is the link to the blog I did on it when it was open.

Friday, August 19, 2011

If Off to Tiki Oasis ---Wish D23 was on a different weekend.

What I recommend for those not going to D23......Inside the Magic looks like it has great coverage.
I will have to catch up on all the photos I missed out on when I get back.
Also try Miceage.com   I'm sure they will have plenty of coverage of D23 as well

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Captain Rex and Boba Fett----Awesome

I'm a huge Star Wars Fan.....Love the movies....Love the books ....Love the Clone Wars Cartoon on Cartoon Network.........So to actually see some of the characters in the parks is awesome......I really hope this is a regular thing and not just something leading up to  D23  --which I will miss out on this year.

Here is the link to the webpage that also has pictures

King Triton's Spinning Thing of Doom

Beware the Kracken!
Spinning around out of control on a purple Sea Lion.....

Up and down,  up and Down

The Sea Otter laughs as the mortals spin  into a frenzy---and are dragged beneath the sea

Faster and faster we  go spinning further and further out of control

The Sea Horse mocks us as we scream for help!
Hypnotizing us with its eyes

The whale with its web of bubbles lures us down below so that the Mermaids can feed on our flesh......As the victims sink into the dark waters of the ocean......A voice can be herd luring in more customers to King Triton's Spinning Thing of Doom

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Getting Animated! Crush style

I hadn't seen the full animation loop since they redid it in the animation building yet---so we decided to stop in and have talk with Crush and learn to draw Mickey.    
The Animation building if narrated by Crush....

"Dude this Dude is totally bulking up on the Seaweed"

"Totally Awesome  Gnarly Dude"
 "I have no idea what is going on there dudes"

"Dude ----I bet he speaks whale"

"They have some epic artwork on the walls in here dude"

"Dude --Squirt totally cried when we watched this movie "

"I totally know those dudes"

How is it going my fellow sea creatures?"

"Totally just swam around the world"

"Totally Dude"


"A Crazy Monkey dude"

"Beware of Bears that smell like strawberries Dude"


Hey dudes if you get a chance check out the Animation Academy---It so Totally Rocks"

"You can like learn to draw with the experts....Seriously dudes---I'm not pulling with fins"

"Today they were totally drawing Mickey Mouse"

"Good job Dudette in  pink Shell"

"Later Dudes"

Sunday, August 14, 2011

This is the Droid you are looking for R2D2 in Disneyland

A friend posted that  they heard R2D2 is now roaming the resort on facebook and I really hope I get a chance to get go out to the park and see him before it goes the way of Lucky the Dinosaur  or the Muppet Mobile lab.  Here is a video of R2D2 out and about that I found on youtube

Coming Soon the Big Red Trolley in DCA

Major construction continues at DCA----Here is a photo from a awhile back when they were working on the Red Car Trolley line that will open up once all the work at the front of the park is over

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Characters welcome!

The characters are out and about all over Disneyland...
Here is Mulan reading a story at the Fantasyland stage

Minnie Hanging out next to her house

Brer Fox is on the Prowl

And Pocahontas