Sunday, January 24, 2016

Zootopia Sneak Peek in Disney's California Adventure

It is time for yet another in park  Movie Sneak Peek. 
 This time around it is for Disney's upcoming animated movie Zootopia.    When Zootopia was first announced I wasn't exactly dying to see it.  The very first teaser ad just looked like another Madagascar clone.   Then they came out with a fun trailer with the classic Sloth at the DMV scene.  If you haven't seen that --check out the trailer.

The 4-D sneak Peek has completely changed my mind about the film as a throw away animated feature.  The movie starts out showing the Rabbit character  Hops training to be a cop in the big city and then features a long segment showing her first trip into the city.  All I could think about while watching this segment was that this movie actually had some great world building elements.  The concept of the city of Zootopia looks amazing. All of the different sections of the city looked amazing.  The scenes just showing all the people walking around reminded me of the glimpses we got of Monstropolis in Monsters Inc.  This film now is a must see for me and the kids and I could totally see this as a TV show as well.

If you are in the parks definitely check this out.  It is showing in the Bug's Life Theater.  When entering the show they have been handing out cool like promo cardboard rabbit or fox ears.


And check out the film in the theaters on March 4th

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Seasons of the Force: 3 Changes to the Jedi Academy at Disneyland since I last saw it.


Trials of the Temple:    The Jedi Academy training has made some changes since the last time I saw it and maybe since the last time you did as well.

Change number 1. If you want your kid to get picked to be part of the show—now you have to pre-register over at Star Wars Launch Bay –instead of just wearing a Star Wars shirt and hoping to get selected.

Change number 2.  The limited seating area on the ground in front of the show is now reserved for parents of the children involved in the show.  (They don’t tell you this until about 5-10 before the show so be warned)

Change Number 3.   The show itself has changed a little.

The new show features a main Jedi and his Padawan leading you in training and preparing you to face a test at the Jedi Temple.  

They start by bringing out the Jedi Trainees.

They gather in front of their Master

Before the Handing out of the Training Lightsabers

Then just like the old show they teach the young Jedi in the proper use of a lightsaber ---Which will come in handy when your kids whack at you with one later in the day.

An addition to the new version of the show is the new Padawan character which was a little on the silly side and I think took away from the original show.   I prefer the bad Jedi puns to the interactions between the Master and his Padawan.

Instead of Stormtroopers running down and interrupting the show before the stage rises… the Jedi trainees help to raise the stage by using the force to reveal is a hidden Jedi Temple.   The old effect of the stage just coming up to reveal Vader and Maul was a lot more impressive than this temple that shows up.  Vader and a villain currently on Star Wars Rebels called the Seventh Sister arriving from a door.
  Here is Vader

And the Seventh Sister

    At this point the show is pretty much the same as the students take turns battling Vader and The Seventh Sister.   Here is a batch of photos of the Jedi facing their fears.

Nice Duck there young Jedi

I think Vader and the Seventh Sister are outnumbered

Vader doesn't seem worried

Join the Dark Side and together we can rule the galaxy

Who said you can't be a Princess and a Jedi?

The Young Jedi waiting for their turn to battle

How many of these Jedi do I have to fight Vader must be thinking

After all the students the Palawan then faces off against Maul who makes a surprise appearance at the end.     It is still an entertaining show especially if you have a Star Wars fan in the family who can get a once in a lifetime battle with a Star Wars villain.

I'm glad Darth Maul is still a part of the Show

It is photo time as the Young Jedi habe completed their training.

I personally just like the original version better –especially since this new version pretty much makes it so Tomorrowland Terrace no longer has night time music (because the stage is no longer there)

To See pictures from the older Version of the show that featured Stormtroopers  go here

To listen to our Movie  Podcasts go here the most recent episode #11 is all about The Force Awakens

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