Friday, March 23, 2012

Frontierland Art at the Disneyland Hotel

I had previously  stopped by the Adventureland Tower of the Disneyland Hotel and took some pictures of all the cool Jungle Cruise artwork and models they had there.   This week I decided to pop in and take some pictures of the stuff over at the Frontierland Tower.   I haven't been over in that area since they took out the waterfalls.

They had some nice artwork from the old fort on Tom Samyer's Island and Frontierland in general

The coolest thing in the Frontierland Tower lobby was The Big Thunder Railroad model.....I so wish I had this in my house.....Such a cool piece.

I also loved the little waterfall out in front of the Tower.....I wish I had a water feature like this in my own backyard

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    I will send you a photo if you reply.