Monday, June 11, 2012

The Mad T Party: Part 1 The band

We headed  over  to the Hollywood area of DCA to check out the replacement for Electronica the other day.   I'm a huge Tron fan so I was sad to see Electronica go away.  The Mad T Party sounded like a decent replacement and I'm sure will be fun for a lot of guests.   The theme was pretty cool....But some of the elements were not so great.

The Drink Me bar had a really cool look and I can't wait to go back at night and check out how it looks then

Electronica was all DJ/Dance Party.   The Mad T Party mixes in some live music with the dance club vibe.....Unfortunately the cover band all dressed in Alice garb was not so great.   I've heard much better cover bands in the park over the years and we were a little disappointed in both the singers while we strolled around and took pictures.

At least they looked interesting.

Coming up in Part 2 we dive into some more of the experience as it prepares to entertain all summer in what will be a really busy and crowded park

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