Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Disney/Pixar Animated Short Reviews: #3 BURN-E 8 out of 10 2008 7+ out of 10

BURN-E   8 out of 10    2008

BURN-E  is a cute little Pixar Animated Short that features the story of a little repair robot whose only goal is to repair a beacon on the side of the Space Ship from the movie  WALL-E.    He keeps getting distracted by events from the story of WALL-E that are cut into the short and isn't able to accomplish his goal do to a series of distractions.    Just like WALL-E the animators are able to show emotion in a robot without words. You really feel for the little robot as he tries so hard to complete his task.  It is a cute little companion piece to the film.

You can find BURN-E on the Pixar Shorts  Volume 2 DVD

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