Sunday, March 17, 2013

OZ the Great and Powerful 4-D Sneak Peek and movie review

OZ the Great and Powerful the 4-D Sneak Peek at the Muppet Theater in DCA..   All I can say about this is that I wish the entire movie could be seen in the Muppet Theater.   The sneak peak for this movie was so visually stunning and amazing that the full movie in a regular theater couldn't live up to it.   The 4-D sneak peak has wind effects and water effects and the 3-D is absolutely amazing.   This short look into the film is a 10 out of 10 experience and just like with the Tron and Frankenweenie Sneak Peeks---I wish they actually screened movies in this theater....I would definitely pay extra to see this big budget films in this 4-D setting.    If you are in the parks make sure to check it out or whatever the next sneak peek that comes to the theater is----because it is definitely worth the stop.

Oz the Great and Powerful  2013   8 + out of 10

I was geared up to see the movie after the 4-D sneak peek that I saw at DCA ...I finally got to see the movie itself a week later.   Sam Raimi did a great job at delivering visuals that were stunning and top notch truly creating the world of OZ in spectacular fashion.   Even seeing the picture in 2-D the colors and images popped off the screen as if I was watching the 3-D version.
  The world of OZ was vibrant ,  Raimi actually delivered some of the great camera shots and techniques that made his original low budget Evil Dead films so fun to watch to this much larger budgeted film  (some I felt was missing a little from his Spider Man efforts).    Danny Elfman's soundtrack was top notch as usual.    The story itself was good, but somehow didn't capture my imagination as much as I hoped it would.   The trickery  used at the end of the film to repeal the Wicked Witches was clever and I wonder if it is just the source material itself and what the director had to play with that made it seem a lesser film than say  Lord of the Rings or some other big budget films.    Munchkins and Tinkers just do not make for great film characters in a battle against evil.   Also I would have preferred the original choice from the Wizard as I believe Robert Downey Jr. was a better fit for the lead role than  James Franco.  Also Mila Kunis's performance was underwhelming as well.     All in all it was a great film which looks amazing.   Worth seeing just for the visuals alone.

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