Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Disney Animated Movie Review: #1 Wreck it Ralph 7 out of 10

Wreck it Ralph  2012    7 out of 10

Wreck it Ralph was a good, but not great Disney animated film.  The concept was great  (a Pixar quality concept)  basically borrowing the concept from Toy Story of what happens once the toys are left alone and taking us inside the world of video games after they are  turned of at the arcade at the end of the day.  The plot of a video game villain Wreck it Ralph  deciding that he doesn't really want to be a villain anymore is a good  strong storyline.  I guess I was just hoping for more with this good concept which takes Ralph into some other video game worlds that include a parody of all the first person shooter game and a Mario Cart type racing game.  Most of the film takes place in this Mario like world as Ralph ends up helping a character named Vanellope von Schweetz enter a race within the game.  The storyline and characters were all interesting and the film was good,  the problem for me is that after seeing such high concept Pixar movies like  Toy Story and  Monsters Inc do their concepts so perfectly ---my expectations are maybe to high.   I would have rather spent more time in the movie in the central station where all the videogame characters gather after the arcade has closed than in the candy coated Sugar Rush world.   I really enjoyed the cameos by the older video game characters and wish there had been more of that in the film.   So all in all it was a good fun animated movie--but just not great like most of the Pixar movies or Disney's recent  classic Tangled.

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