Saturday, December 7, 2013

Disney/Pixar Animated Short Reviews: #33 Sleep Walkin 2013 9 out of 10

Sleep Walkin 2013  9 out of 10

The latest of the series of new Mickey Mouse cartoons features Mickey Mouse trying to help out his friend Goofy who is having trouble sleep walking at night.  Well it turns out Goofy is sleep running which leads Mickey on a series of crazy adventures all over town trying to keep him safe.  This cartoon is action packed and fun adventure in the spirit of the great Roger Rabbit short cartoons like Tummy Trouble which did this type of cartoon the best. I love that they keep coming out with new Mickey Mouse content.  It is a joy to see that a new episode has popped up on my DVR and it is great that a younger generation is being reintroduced to these classic characters.

The cartoon can currently be found airing on the Disney Channel and Disney Online

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