Saturday, February 22, 2014

Disney/Pixar Animated Short Reviews: #37 The Third Wheel 9 out of 10

The Third Wheel   9 out of 10

Goofy shines in the latest Valentine's Day themed Mickey Mouse cartoon.  Mickey tries to take Minnie out for a romantic evening--- but Goofy---well Goofy goofs it up.  He doesn't get the hint that it isn't a group thing.   When he finally does get it he tries to over compensate and ends up messing things up even more.  I still don't like Goofy's look in this series of cartoons - but his character is really hitting its stride and like in "Potatoland" really is the star once again in this short.  Goofy's antic spell Valentine's Day disaster.

The cartoon can currently be found airing on the Disney Channel and Disney Online

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