Sunday, August 10, 2014

4-D Sneak Peek Heaven: Guardians of the Galaxy

Captain EO is on vacation (Maybe for good) and the Guardians of the Galaxy have arrived.  The latest 4-D sneak peek at the Disney parks really knocks it out of the park and makes me really want to see this movie that I was only mildly excited about before.  This sci-fi adventure jumps off the screen in the Captain EO theater with in theater effects and like other sneak peeks --really makes you wish you could see the entire film in this fashion.  It starts out with an exciting Indiana Jones in space sequence and then blasts into a series of exciting scenes from the film.  Loved it and literally can't wait to see the movie now.

Here are some of the cool Guardians posted that line the entrance to this sneak peek.  I could totally see a Guardians attraction here some day.

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