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(Disney Animated Movie Review #8 ) Brave 2012 6 out of 10

Brave  2012   6 out of 10

It didn’t see Brave in the theaters - making it one of the only Pixar films that I missed on the big screen.   The family saw it one day that I was at work and not being overly impressed themselves, I just never really got around to seeing it.  It aired for the first time on the Disney channel the other night and so I decided to sit down with my step daughter and finally watch it.    It is a good film –but probably my least favorite Pixar movie so far.   The story was too derivative of Disney’s own Brother Bear that I couldn’t help but compare it too that movie throughout and in that comparison it lost out.  It just felt like it was covering too much of the same ground in a less interesting way.

Pixar’s CGI animation is top notch –yet I loved the 2-D animation of Brother Bear much better and felt like a series of beautiful painting.
The Story:
  Brave is the story of a Princess(that is great at archery)  that challenges the customs of her kingdom, because she wants the choice of who she marries.  Angry at her mother she wishes her to change not knowing this wish would turn her mother into a bear.  Brother Bear which came before it was about a hunter that after killing a bear is magically changed into a bear himself
The story is so similiar in many ways that it just left me feeling like I had seen it done better before and I didn't really connect with the main character at all.  The story in Brother Bear was stronger and made me feel like I went on an actual journey with the characters.

The Humor:
There were funny moments in Brave –but again the humor in Brother Bear was much stronger.   With Rick Moraines and Dave Thomas as the voice of the two Moose characters.

The Music:
The soundtrack for Brother Bear was from one of my favorite artists Phill Collins and I can recall music from that movie instantly –where as I can’t even remember the music from Brave –after I just saw it.
So it was a just ok .  It wasn’t a memorable one for me.   Almost all of the other Pixar movies I’ve seem are very memorable –and this one just wasn’t.   Pretty much the only movie from Pixar that I would call a miss in the Studios history.

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