Saturday, November 22, 2014

(Disney Animated Movie Review #9 ) Big Hero 6 2014 8+ out of 10 ---Disney Sneak Peek and Meet and Greet

Sneak Peeks:

Disney has done it yet again in this comic book adaptation of a lesser known Marvel comic.  Big Hero 6 was another example of a Disney movie that I was only mildly excited about until I saw the 4-D sneak peek at the Disney parks.  I've now seen 4-D sneak peeks of Tron Legacy,  Frankenweenie,  Maleficent, Guardians of the Galaxy and now Big Hero 6 in the parks.  Each sneak peek has lead to me seeing the film from that sneak peek in the theaters --even if before the sneak peek I wasn't necessarily dying to see the films at the multiplex.   This new promotional use of Disney's 4-D theaters has been a fun and exciting way of adding something new to the parks while promoting the companies new and upcoming movies as.  I wasn't even going to see Guardians of the Galaxy in the theaters-until the sneak peek blew me away and that film became my favorite film of the year so far.  Now I look forward to going to the parks just to see this sneaks.......Especially with possibly Avengers and Star Wars sneak on the horizon.

Big Hero 6  2014  8+ out of 10

The movie was a fun action packed adventure.  The story follows Hiro - a kid who is a computer genius that is wasting his time doing back street robot battles for money.  His brother inspires him to use his abilities toward science by building something in order to get into the high tech school his brother attends.  Hiro builds some tech that is a little too good and too advanced.  This leads to the films villain blowing up the tech expo and secretly stealing this idea.
  It also leads to his brother loses his life trying to save his professor.   Emotional stuff--since as is common in way too many Disney films the kid is left without parents and now even without his old mentor brother.  This similar Disney theme is also the case for Ezra in the new Star Wars Rebels series --where he has lost his parents as well.  

This tragic event leaves Hiro (the films hero) sad and depressed with no purpose --until he bangs his toe in his room which awakens Baymax , the most loveable Balloon Robot -Caretaker of all-time.  Baymax is the heart of this Disney movie --figuratively and literally.  The robot was built by Hiro's brother as the perfect medical assistant.  Baymax comes along at the perfect moment --right when Hiro needs a friend the most and his mission is to help.  Baymax adds many laughs and the emotional center to the film that leads Hiro on an adventure where he encounters the villain that has turned his science experiment into something used to get revenge.   Hiro enlists his brothers friends from the Science school to help battle this villain by using their science abilities.  The film was an exciting and emotional journey for Hiro --that was packed with great visuals.   A  true surprise that I really enjoyed.

Time to meet Baymax Character Meet and Greets:
The other day after having seen the movie I was able to run on back over to Disneyland where Hiro and Baymax are now doing Meet and Greets in the park.  The meet and greets started around 10:30 when I was over on the other side of the parks checking out some of Disney's Christmas decorations.   By the time I got over there the line was already huge.   The meet and greet was set up to look like Hiro's garage and the people couldn't wait to get in there and hug this big balloon robot.  Baymax is a hit and character looks amazing.  He waddles around just like in the films and his eyes blink exactly like the character in the movie as well.  I think Baymax may be around for awhile and would be a perfect fit for Innventions once his meet and greet ends.

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