Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Force Awakens HERE IS our Star Wars (SPOILER FILLED) PODCAST

By the time of this blog has posted The Force Awakens has passed Avatar as the new US Box Office Champion of All-Time.    Avatar made 760 Million in Domestic Box Office (I still can’t understand how that movie did so well)   As I wrote this blog on Tuesday 5th The Force Awakens had already grossed about 750 Million in the U.S. and was still averaging about 8 Million a day on Monday.

We just recorded our Podcast about the film.  Take a listen
And I’ve listened to at least a half a dozen podcasts on the subject myself.   I find it interesting listening to some people that have seen the film 5 times and yet say it is a 8 out of 10….(Then why did you see it 5 times).   Any movie that I’m willing to see at least 3 times in the theater is a 10 out of 10 for me.   It can have flaws and things that you pick at –but if it compelled you to see it multiple times –how can it be anything less than a 10

The Cast:    The Cast was excellent:    Especially Harrison Ford returning as Han Solo.  He stepped right back into the role and I didn’t doubt for a second that Han would be any different.   
I absolutely loved every scene he was in……(okay except for one scene –that really hurt).  John Boyega was excellent,  Oscar Issacs –needs a bigger role in the next episode….and Daisy Ridley was out of this world good as Rey.

The visuals and John Williams soundtrack draw you back into the  look and feel of the original trilogy –which has obviously struck a cord with all of the fans.  The movie wisely makes use of familiar Star Wars Themes and gives them a new twist and setting. 

Anyone that was questioning Disney’s purchase of Star Wars and looking on it with concern should now feel great about the future of the franchise.   Star Wars is no longer just a franchise –it is basically its own genre now.    I can’t wait until the film comes on DVD.  I can’t wait until the themed land goes in at Disneyland (watch out Potter).  And Rogue One is less than a year away.

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