Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Mouse Minute: A Star Wars Update #1: 5 Cool Star Wars Items that Dropped in the last couple of weeks

It was a Star Wars filled couple of week.  Here are 5 cool Star Wars things that have dropped in the last couple of weeks.

  1.  New Star Wars Land concept artwork is now up on the fences where Big Thunder Ranch used to be.      Here is a photo of that artwork.
    Here is a photo of Star Wars Land itself –I took from the Parking lot during a recent trip to the park
  2. Thrawn is Back: Grand Admiral Thrawn makes his return to the Star Wars Universe and is canon once again.  Announced during the Rebels panel at Star Wars Celebration Europe and seen in the trailer for Rebels Season 3.      Thrawn was featured in the book series by Timothy Zahn that keep Star Wars alive for fans after Return of the Jedi.   A fan favorite that many fans of the EU were upset about when Disney bought Star Wars and rebooted the Book Universe.   Now he is back as a character in Rebels and the crowd at Celebration went crazy over the news.

Here is the Trailer for Season 3 that also brings Wedge into the series.  

3. Did I mention Thrawn is back:  If you weren’t already excited enough about Thrawn being back in Rebels---he is also coming back in a book written by Timothy Zahn as well.  So excited to Zahn will do with him in the new canon.

4.New Rogue One Footage:  Another thing coming out of Star Wars Celebration was a new behind the scenes featurette. 
A 3 minute long behind the scenes glimpse at the movie that revealed some new creatures and a few action shots.

 5. The Young Han Solo is finally officially announced.   We all new this news already –but now it is official. 
Alden Ehrenreich will be the dude with the Wookie co-pilot.

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