Tuesday, December 6, 2011

3 Minute Waits if you can BEAR the cold.....Grizzly River Run in December

It is cold outside....(by California Standards)  and that means the lines for Grizzly River Run are very short....(the 5 minute wait sign is  just as low a number as they could find)...   It is the time of year when brave souls can get 2 or 3 rides in a row with no waiting on this attraction.  If of course you don't plan on staying into the evening of course.    It is too cold for water ride shoes (flip flops) and squeezing around with frozen toes all day is not a good idea, but for a pass holder  on a day that Disneyland was busting at its seams with long lines the Grizzly Peak  was looking inviting.

The Bears have their winter gear on and are ready for Snow

 Dry is definitely not an option....so if you are wanting to brave the Grizzly Peak this time of year...prepare to be cold....Warning your toes may be cold after making this decision.

If you are a pass holder and can leave at any time.....or if you are a guest and a trip to your room is an option...it is a great time of year for super short lines for the water ride......

We took the dare!

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