Friday, December 23, 2011

Indiana Jones in Trader Sam's

Trader Sam's is my favorite bar.   I'm a big lover of Tiki, and Disney and it also has artifacts representing 2 of my top 3 movies of All-Time.  The only bar I could possibly like more would be if someone recreated the  Cantina bar from Star Wars complete with people in 1970's monster masks (and since that only exists in my mind)  Trader Sam's is my favorite bar.

 I headed out there on Dec 22nd with my best friend a former Jungle Cruise skipper to check out the Holiday decor and show him the place.
Christmas pics of the Trader Sam's are here

My favorite movie is Raiders of the Lost seeing Indiana Jones stuff in Trader Sam's which would be one of the coolest hangouts even without it  is a bonus feature..
Below are some of the Indiana Jones related stuff to be found in Trader Sam's

Temple of the Forbidden Eye Map

Note from Sallah to Trader Sam about the map

Snakes why did it have to be Snakes

In this large collection of artifacts there is a new clipping about missing tourists in the Temple.

A Note from Shourt Round concerning the voodoo doll of Indy from Temple of Doom

Which you can see below the note at the bottom of this picture

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