Sunday, February 3, 2013

Disney/Pixar Animated Short Reviews: #8 Air Mater 2011 6 out 10

Air Mater 2011   6 out of 10

Air Mater  is one of a series of Car Toons  or   Mater's Tall Tales in which Mater ends up in some fun action packed unbelievable situations.  This  Pixar animated short t features Mater learning how to fly. All of the Mater Tall Tales are good--but they usually aren't as great as the original short films that Pixar makes.  Each of the shorts in this series follow a similar formula, Mater tells Lightning McQueen about some wild story that happened to him.  In Air Mater we get a lot of high flying action --but it doesn't have as many funny moments as some of the other Mater stories.    If you are a big Mater fan you will love them.  For me they are enjoyable, but I prefer the more original Pixar shorts.

This short is featured on the Pixar animated shorts DVD Volume 2

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