Sunday, June 30, 2013

Disney Animated Movie Review: #3 Monsters University 9 out 10

Monsters University  2013    9 out of 10

The Monsters are back and they are scaring up some big numbers at the box office.  In a world where sequels happen whether there is a demand or story for them based solely or how much money the original makes sometimes it is worth it.   Monsters INC was a complete story when it came out with a good conclusion that didn't necessarily lend itself to a sequel,  but the world of the Monsters lived in was so interesting that it was definitely worth revisiting at some point.    Pixar waited over a decade before they did revisit this world again and they found the right story to tell to bring us back into the world of Monsters.   Monsters University is a prequel that tells us how Mike and Sully became friends while going to scare school.   This college setting made for a colorful monster filled universe beyond what we saw in the original.   Borrowing from the Revenge of the Nerds plot it shows us how Mike and Sully eventually became friends after originally being  each others nemesis in school.   After their competitive nature leads them both to be kicked out of he scaring program,  they must band together with a bunch of misfit monsters to try and win the Scare Games in order to get back into the scare program.   This leads to a bunch of fun and silly scenes and a movie screen filled with a plethora of  cool and interesting monsters.   The monsters world is fun and vibrant and the film was a blast.   It didn't have the same emotional punch as Monsters Inc.  in that Sully's care for the little human child was missing, but it was a great story nonetheless.

Here is the trailer for Monsters  University

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