Sunday, June 30, 2013

Disney/Pixar Animated Short Reviews: #15 No Service 7 out of 10

No Service   2013    7 out of 10

No Service is the latest in the series of new stylized Mickey Mouse cartoons.   This one  features  Mickey Mouse  and Donald Duck strolling along the beach boardwalk in an attempt to buy lunch for Minnie and Daisy.   Unfortunately they are denied service under the common rule of  "No Shirt, No Shoes,  No Service"  by Goofy  (which being my favorite Disney character the stylized version of displeases me.)    This cartoon was a fun comedic adventure in that features Donald  (who wears no pants or shoes)  having to borrow Mickey's pants and shoes which leaves the  shirtless  Mouse in his birthday suit trying to hide while Donald waits for their order.   The cartoon is funny, but opens up a can of worms in the whole   Why does Donald Duck not wear pants debate that has raged on for decades.   This debate was even a conversation between Norm and Cliff on an episode of Cheers in the 80's --so it is surprising to me that this brand new Mickey Mouse cartoon actually focuses on the subject.   The Cartoon is currently showing on the Disney channel or Disney online.

For more on the Donald Duck no pants Mystery  ---check out this blog I did awhile back that has   a clip from  The Three Caballeros . 

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