Saturday, April 12, 2014

(Disney Animated Movie Review #7 ) The Pirate Fairy 2014 7+ out of 10

The Pirate Fairy  2014 7+ out of 10
When they first announced that Disney was going to be doing a series of Fairy movies starring Tinkerbell that would be direct to DVD I wasn’t expecting much at all.  It has actually turned out to be a quality series of cute children’s movies.  With each film they have expanded the world of fairies and built a cool and interesting mythology.  The best film in the series was last years  Secret of the Wings   which was a really strong entry.  (My thoughts on that movie are below.

So when my step daughter walked into the room several months ago to declare we need to see that when the ad for the Pirate Fairy played on the Disney channel……I actually agreed with her.   This Fairy movie was finally going to get into some Peter Pan territory with the introduction of a young Captain Hook (The first true villain in this series of movies).    

 The Pirate Fairy had a good story in which an inquisitive fairy (similar to Tink) experiments with Fairy dust (despite being warned not to).   Things go wrong and she basically becomes a renegade fairy and leaves the Fairy community.  She ends up teaming up with a group of Pirates and steals the magically blue dust that helps provide the fairies with the dust  that helps them fly.  Tinkerbell and her friends set up to rescue the blue dust which leads to a fun adventure and a battle with a young Captain Hook and the introduction of the Croc that will eventually take his hand.   For Peter Pan fans this film was a treat since it provided some back story to some of the characters from Pan.   If you have little girls they will absolutely love this series ….and the adults may find them very watchable as well..

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