Sunday, May 4, 2014

Disney/Pixar Animated Short Reviews: #39 Adorable Couple 2014 7 out of 10

Adorable Couple   2014   7 out of 10

 The latest of the new Mickey Mouse Cartoons has Mickey and Minnie having the perfect day because they are so in love with each other.   They encounter Donald and Daisy whose day isn't going as well.  Mickey and Minnie take it upon themselves to try and cheer the duck duo up.  It doesn't go so well until Mickey and Minnie attempt to have a fight.   They don't really know how to fight because everything turns out to be a happy thought.    It was a decent cartoon with an old timey song feel to it , but not one of my favorites in the series due to its simplistic nature. I did enjoy the static background art work of this particular cartoon.

It can be seen on the Disney channel or on Disney's  official you tube channel.

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