Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Adult Drinks at Disneyland Resort: Part 3 : The Alfresco Lounge

The Alfresco Lounge is one of the hidden gems of the Disneyland Resort.  You may not even know that it exists.   Sure you may have stopped downstairs and done some wine tasting at the little wine counter–just to the left of Wine Country  Trattoria (I’ll talk about that in a future blog) .  Or you may have stopped on the other side of the restaurant  and tasted some Craft beers,  but have you been upstairs???

The Alfresco Lounge can be found just up the stairs to the upstairs section of the restaurant.  When you get to the top –just turn to the right and you will find the perfect little hideaway. 

A message greeting you to wine Nirvana.

 Now you have arrived

 (I’ve discussed the Wine experience at Alfresco in a previous Wine Blog which you can see here) 

This time I just wanted to talk about the place itself.   
The Alfresco Lounge is the perfect spot for adults to get away from the hustle and bustle of the parks without ever leaving them. 
It can hold about 35 people and would be the perfect spot in the parks for a private party  (I wish).    One side of this little upstairs wine spot is the backside of the Grizzly River Run attraction. 
From this ideal little perch you can see Carthay Circle Theater spire in one direction and a view of Carsland  from the other side.

You can taste Wines that are connected to Disney and enjoy great appetizers which include the Risotto  bites that are to die for.  
It is like taking a vacation to Wine Country without leaving the Disneyland Resort.   The only place that even compares on the Disney property is at the outdoor fire pit section at the Napa Rose……  (For a look at this area --check out our wine blog.)

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