Thursday, September 17, 2015

Illuminations: An unpopular point of view

In our trip to Epcot our feet were dragging by the end of the long day.  We were actually on our way out by the time we made it to the Mexico pavilion.    After grabbing what we hoped would be a quick ride on the Three Caballeros attraction we got out of the ride just in time for  Illuminations to start so we decided to stay and catch it grabbing a decent last minute spot near the Mexico pavilion.

I know that some people find it to be great –but my wife and I thought it was very underwhelming.

Don't get me wrong --it isn't a bad show it just wasn't up to many other night time shows that Disney puts on in our opinion.  I love the lights on all the countries and the fireworks are adequate.  
The problem with it is the Floating Globe that displays the images.   I know I’m supposed to be mesmerized by it as it slowly makes its way out into the middle of the lagoon –but we both felt like it brought the show to a grinding halt.   Maybe I’m just spoiled. 
I’m used to Fantasmic at Disneyland and World of Color at DCA.   Illuminations and its Siemens globe –just fells extremely old and dated in comparison.    

Illuminations doesn’t feature a giant firebreathing Dragon finale that sets the lake on fire……..
Illuminations doesn’t feature hundreds of fountains of water with lighting effects with the Mickey Fun Wheel and rollercoaster as a backdrop.   

Illumination has spinning globe with a horse running around it.  
It just no longer meets my expectations.

I pretty much find almost everything and anything Disney does to be great (with the Exception of Light Tragic)  It is hard to find something I’m not in love with at the Disney parks……The next time we come back to Epcot though---I think we may skip Illuminations unless it gets a major update.

How do you feel about the show???
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