Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jedi Academy: Fighting Vader "Defeat him you must"

 Prepare yourselves  Younglings.  For today you can learn to battle the darkside.   

You have been chosen!

But first we must train you in the proper use of a training lightsaber

Yes cut for the groin area that will  disarm him.
(From a certain point of view)

                      Cut to the head.

                          Intruder alert

Welcome to the Gun Show!

Now that is how you make an entrance

"I picked the wrong week to stop smoking"  Vader says


"That's what I'm talking about"  says Vader


"Brave these younglings are"  says  Yoda

              Jedi can be pushy sometimes

             "You said what about my momma"  Vader Says


                   "Done well you have  says Yoda"

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