Sunday, February 21, 2016

Alice in Disneyland: 5 Ways to Experience Alice in the Parks

The Mad T Party will be closing March 30th
Alice Through the Looking Glass is coming out in May 27th.......
It seems like strange timing since I would assume that the popularity of all things Alice would be at a peek when the new film comes out and that hopefully we will get a sneak peek of the new film when it comes out.

Curiouser and Curiouser....It seems that the closure of the Mad T Party coincides with the exciting news of the return of the Food and Wine Festival  to DCA that runs from April 1st thru  May 1st.
So I would speculate with the new movie opening on May 27th that we may see a big return of all things Alice around mid May.  

In the Meantime.....I thought it would be fun to take a quick look at all things Alice around the parks.

1.  Alice the Ride

Climb aboard a Caterpillar for the Alice and Wonderland Ride in Fantasyland.  Go down the Rabbit hole and experience the classic Attraction that recently had some updated effects.

Watch out for the Queen she has a really short temper

2. Have a Tea Party

And by Tea Party I mean take a spin in a Tea Cup.

If you ate too many Churrios before the ride you may even need to stop at the Alice Themed Restrooms.

3. Visit the Mad Hatter:   For all your Headwear Needs

      4. Hang out with Alice and The Mad Hatter

These two can often be found at the end of Main Street where the piano player is located.   Sometimes you can even join in with them in a game of musical chairs

5.  Check out the Band at the Maddest T Party around 

Just across the way in DCA the Mad T Party is going on:   At least until March 30th.  With a lot of entertainment including a DJ and live Bands and Alice themed drinks.

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  1. Hi Brad, some fantastic photos here and I don't disagree with your thoughts here, it would seem mad as a hatter to get rid of an Alice show and then not bring something back to time in with the sequel, keep us updated as soon as you hear anything!