Tuesday, February 23, 2016

BB-8 Prop arrived at Star Wars Launch Bay

There was definitely something missing when Star Wars Launch Bay opened.  
A glaring error that has now been been corrected.


BB-8 is now on display next to Rey's Speeder in Star Wars Launch Bay.  I'm glad to see this addition to the exhibit, since BB-8 is a beloved character from the film that has now grossed over 2 Billion dollars worldwide.   Heck the BB-8 sipper cups are selling so fast that the fact that BB-8 wasn't in the exhibit when it opened was a huge oversight.

I hope that additions will regularly be made to Star Wars Launch Bay.  It could become a permanent Star Wars exhibit with different items from the franchise being displayed.  New and old props from the Lucasfilm archives could come and go making this exhibit a destination for all Star Wars fans.

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