Saturday, June 11, 2016

Festival of the Lion King: A Must See at Animal Kingdom

If you are visiting the Animal Kingdom the Festival Lion King show is a must see show.  I was excited to share this gem with my family on our last visit to the park and everyone was impressed.

The show features a mixture of music, dance, an animatronic puppetry (see the giant Elephant above)

The costumes are colorful and the fun vibe in the theater is contagious.

It is like the Lion King parade that they used to have in Disneyland if it took place inside a theater.

           Among the entertainment was a cool fire knife dance.

The songs from the Lion King are incredible and the singers in the show are great.

In addition to the singing there are the Tumble Monkeys which gives the show an acrobatic flare.

Here are the Tumble Monkeys ---goofing off with Timon.

The Finale includes a combination of all the songs and a flying bird acrobat swinging around the stage.  What makes the show a must see is the music from this classic animated feature.  It makes the show feel timeless.

Definitely check it out when you go to the Animal Kingdom

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