Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Quick Thoughts on the Haunted Mansion Comic Book

I really wanted to love The Haunted Mansion Comic Book from Marvel’s Disney Kingdoms comic book line.   I truly did.   

I had enjoyed the Seekers of the Weird comic book.  That comic utilized the concept art that at one time could have been the Museum of the Weird .  I had no expectations other than excitement to see some of those concepts come to life.   
The Haunted Mansion however is so classic that with it comes high expectations.  That is one of the reasons the Haunted Mansion film wasn’t a favorite of many Disney and Haunted Mansion fans.   I guess I was just expecting too much.   Reading the first issue of the Haunted Mansion comic book I felt like it was more just an awkward tour of the Mansion than a story I was interested in. 

The main character is an outsider teen whose Grandfather  
(The only person he feels he can relate to)  has passed away.    He is lured to the Mansion by the spirit of Madame Leota to help save the spirits (including his Grandpa’s) from the sway of an angry vengeful  ghost of a Sea Captain.   The story just feels like it is lacking to me.   Love it or hate it , the feature film starring Eddie Murphy had a much better storyline.   This comic feels derivative of the Seekers of the Weird to a certain degree.   The main character wandering into the Mansion and starts describing things from the ride outloud.    I thought that I would at least love the comic based on the artwork alone,  but I’d actually rather just revisit the Making of the Haunted Mansion book by Jason Surrell that contains the concept art for the attractions than what is in this comic book.    The plotline of the reluctant, oddball teen having to help his dead relative  storyline just isn’t doing it for me.  I feel like it just missed the mark.   I wished I had loved this comic.   But I feel like I’m unsure whether I want to read the next issue.
I don’t blame the writer or the artist of the comic book—for my lack of interest in it.   I truly believe that my problems with it lay in my own inflated ideas and expectations.
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