Monday, August 1, 2011

The Donald Duck Pants Mystery?????

Ok so  I realize this has been discussed by many before me including as a Cliff Clavin discussion on an  episode on Cheers—but The Three Caballeros just brings the whole discussion up again.
Why does Donald Duck not wear pants???   Donald's  Standard outfit leaves him without pants—yet everytime he gets out of the shower in a cartoon he has a towel around his waist---what the Bleep is up with that ---In  this film –Donald  runs around pantless for most of the film---yet when preparing to chase Latin women   on the Beach  he puts on a swimsuit with top and bottom proceeds to fall out of said outfit and quickly pulls his pants back on yet---then spends the rest of the film without pants again.   Disney really needs to explain this Duck/Pants mystery once and for all?

Hey Donald where are your Pants?

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