Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Getting Animated! Crush style

I hadn't seen the full animation loop since they redid it in the animation building yet---so we decided to stop in and have talk with Crush and learn to draw Mickey.    
The Animation building if narrated by Crush....

"Dude this Dude is totally bulking up on the Seaweed"

"Totally Awesome  Gnarly Dude"
 "I have no idea what is going on there dudes"

"Dude ----I bet he speaks whale"

"They have some epic artwork on the walls in here dude"

"Dude --Squirt totally cried when we watched this movie "

"I totally know those dudes"

How is it going my fellow sea creatures?"

"Totally just swam around the world"

"Totally Dude"


"A Crazy Monkey dude"

"Beware of Bears that smell like strawberries Dude"


Hey dudes if you get a chance check out the Animation Academy---It so Totally Rocks"

"You can like learn to draw with the experts....Seriously dudes---I'm not pulling with fins"

"Today they were totally drawing Mickey Mouse"

"Good job Dudette in  pink Shell"

"Later Dudes"

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