Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Disney Animated Short Feature #1 The Adventures of Icabod Crane 1949 10 out of 10

The Adventures of Ichabod Crane  1949   10 out of 10

We all have our holiday traditions. Whether it is watching Football on Thanksgiving day, that favorite Christmas movie that we watch every year, or that Christmas wrapping paper roll sword fight on the front lawn after all the presents are open....(Wait that is just me and my dad).

When Halloween rolls around one of the things that I have to watch every year is Ichabod Crane the 1949 animated classic from Disney. I've read the original story by Washington Irving about 3 times as well and love it.  This short Disney film used to be a staple on those old Wonderful World of Disney specials. Remember the Disney Halloween shows with the creepy talking pumpkin head by Johnathon Winters (well maybe I'm dating myself with that reference) 

They would always run at least of portion of Ichabod's story along with Disney cartoons with witches and such. The full short film is a perfect Halloween classic. With narration by Bing Crosby and the fun song as sung by him as Brom Bones (the Original Gaston). The short has everything...Laughs , chills , and a crazy wild action scene as he tries to escape the Headless Horsemen. It is the perfect mix of spooky and fun. The animation and the sound in this Halloween tale sets up Ichabod's fateful night perfectly. It is a Halloween tradition to watch this every single year just like visiting the Holiday Haunted Mansion or watching Nightmare before Christmas.

If you have never seen this Disney classic...shame on you.....Run out and find a copy for it is Disney animation at its best.
 Here is the song from this classic short

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