Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why isn't there a Teen Beach movie show yet? and my thoughts on the Movie itself (Disney Channel Movie #1)

Teen Beach Dance Party or show  ?


I’m surprised that Disney hasn’t already come up with something for the parks related to Teen Beach Movie.   If they hadn’t already remade the Paradise Pier area the old Pizza Oww Mow Mow restaurant would have been a perfect place for Big Momma’s beach house from the movie.   It would have taken very little to make that over.   Too bad they already replaced that with a whole new restaurant about a year and a half ago.   It could have been the perfect place for a small scale musical performance like what  they used to do after High School Musical was such a big hit.    Or a spot for a little kids dance party like.  My stepdaughter loves  the Dancing with the Disney characters…..if she got to go to a Teen Beach Dance Party she would be out of her mind.  I guess they could still do that in place of Dancing with the Disney characters in the backlot area,  but they already had the ideal beach themed area for this attraction before the refurb work on Paradise Pier happened.

The Movie.  Teen Beach Movie 2013  7+ out of 10

This was one of those movies that you only watch because the kids want you to watch it with them.

It actually turned out to be quite good.  The story follows the adventures of  2 teens that magically get sent into one of the characters favorite movies  “Wet Side Story”  which is a 1960’s musical.   

The movie  was basically a mix between  West Side Story and Grease with a plot borrowed from the excellent movie Pleasantville.  Like Pleasantvillle –there showing up in the movie starts to change the plot of the film which they have to set right in order to return home.   The music was catchy and the movie was really cute.  I can see why the kids have watched this movie over and over and over again.   One musical number in particular in which the characters start singing even though they didn’t want to was straight out of one of my favorite musicals,  the excellent Buffy musical episode "One More Time with Feeling".   It wasn’t an amazing film or a deep film in anyway---it was just  fun…exactly as it was meant to be.

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