Saturday, October 5, 2013

Disney/Pixar Animated Short Reviews: #27 Mickey's Ghoul Friend 2013 7 out of 10

Mickey's Ghoul Friend  2013   7 out of 10

Last time I mentioned that Goofy looked like he needed a bath. In this cartoon Goofy needs a lot more than a bath.  Mickey's Ghoul Friend is the latest in the new series of Mickey Mouse cartoons and features Mickey Mouse in a spooky situation.  His car breaks down in a scary forest and while trying to fix it he runs into a zombie looking Goofy that has flies swirling around his zombie skull.  It looked like something out of Ren and Stimpy and once again the cartoon had a Samurai Jack feel to it.  The cartoon was entertaining as Mickey tries to escape this ghoulish version of Goofy, which was cool and yet disturbing at the same time.  Mickey spends the whole cartoon trying to escape this undead Goof while all along the zombie Goofy was just offering to help fix his car.

As cool as zombie Goofy looked I'm not sure a zombie version of Goofy is something for kids to see?  The ragged looking less eye pleasing Goofy of the new cartoons is hard enough to get used to.  I don't know if children need to have zombie Goofy haunting their dreams.  I still give it a 7 out of 10....but it may not be for everyone.

The cartoon can currently be found airing on the Disney Channel and Disney Online

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