Saturday, November 30, 2013

Disney Animated Movie Review: #4 Frozen 9 out 10 and Olaf's Frozen Ice Rink

Frozen  2013   9 out of 10

We headed out over the Thanksgiving Holiday to check out the latest Disney animated adventure Frozen at Downtown Disney.  Frozen was very much in the same style and feel as Tangled in both its tone and look.  The story features a pair of sisters that are part of a royal family in the kingdom of Arendell.   Anna and Elsa were really close when they were young children until Elsa's magical powers that she couldn't control almost lead to Anna's life being in danger.    Years pass and it comes time for Elsa to be of age to become Queen which is where the story really starts.   Elsa's powers come to light and she flees her home leaving behind icy devastation.   The movie then focusing on Anna trying to find her sister and restore their home from its icy prison.   The movie features quick a few musical numbers that I could already imagine on stage.  The movie could easily be converted into a stage show.  It also has a few fun unexpected twists (and one at the end that I saw coming a mile away--but still loved).   It also has a couple of characters that you and your kids can fall in love with.....Olaf the silly comic relief Snowman and Sven the cute Reindeer.  Frozen is a great film, visually beautiful 
--the ice castle especially.   It is also and action packed and funny film.

Also at Downtown Disney why not continue the winter wonderland adventure with some Ice Skating at Olaf's  Frozen Ice Rink

If you have annual passes you can meet the princesses and catch the entertaining  animatronic  Olaf that interacts with guests waiting in line.

Until the next Disney Animated and Olaf will just be hanging out.

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  1. A nice trip to the movies, especially around the holiday season where both the kids, and the parents can enjoy themselves. Nice review Brad.