Friday, November 15, 2013

Thor Hammers the Box office and greets guests at Disneyland

Billboard outside my office on Sunset Blvd.

Thor Hammered the box office over the weekend and has grossed over 100 million in less than a week in the US  and 345 Million so far worldwide......I'm looking forward to catching it soon in the theaters and I'll share my views once I do.  

Meanwhile over at Disneyland the line to meet Thor was gathering outside the Treasures of Asgard exhibit now showing in Innoventions in Tomorrowland.   Innoventions is quickly becoming Marvel land.  Since you can see the Iron Man armour and now meet with Thor.

Here are some of the exhibits that you can see....Some of the Asgard Treasures.

And then there is Thor.....  He was in great form twirling his Hammer and doing a bunch of great poses with the people of Earth  that had waited in the long line and crossed the Bi-Frost bridge just to say hello.

Hanging  with Thor

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