Saturday, December 20, 2014

Disney Animated Movie Review: #10 2014 Planes 7 out 10

Planes 2: Fire and Rescue  2014  7  out of 10

Dusty Crophopper finds out that he has a bad gear box that can't be replaced and has to give up his life as a Racer in this sequel to Planes.  After and accident that puts his towns airport in jeopardy unless they can find another Fire Fighter Dusty volunteers to get certified and help out.  When he goes for Firefight training he gets involved in an adventure in fighting fires with some other Planes.

The animation is surprisingly stunning.    The visuals of this Disney Toon Studios movie was top notch and probably one of the better parts of the film.   Some the firefighting scenes are beautiful and I would recommend this film for a family movie night for the animation sequences alone.
The Story:
The Story was very average and underwhelming and probably one the weaker aspects of the film.  Unlike a Pixar movie this  spin off from Cars just seems ordinary.  It isn't a story that there was a huge demand or interest in,  which is probably why it didn't do huge numbers at the box office.   I can't imagine people watching Planes --which was extremely derivative of Cars in both story and subject matter and saying  "I hope they do a sequel where he fights fires instead of racing".   There is nothing wrong with the is well paced -- it just isn't must see subject matter.

The Humor:
It had its moment and some decent jokes ---it just again wasn't on the level of Pixar's films.   I liked the voice talent used for the film like the always great Patrick Warburton.   I believe the voice talent added to the average story and made the film better. Wes Studi as the Apache Helicopter was also great.

The Music:
The Music that was used in the film was great and added a lot to the story telling again making an underwhelming story more enjoyable. Escpecially the music used during the first big fire that they try and put out.

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