Friday, December 19, 2014

Planning a Trip to Disneyworld: Part 1 in a Series : Top Things I'm most excited about for this trip

Planning a trip to Disneyworld can be almost as fun as going there.
The excitement and anticipation just builds and builds as you count down to your trip.   I will be heading to Disneyworld with my wife and her kids for the first time ever in March 2015.   And being the Disney fan that I am I can't wait for them to see it.  I've personally been to Disneyworld 3 times- but my wife has never been there and I'm really excited for her take it all in and experience it.
 I'm a planner so I'm going to be doing a series of blogs about the anticipation for the trip over the next few months.   

I may Post some  Disneyworld Videos that I've watched on Youtube while making possible my to do list.  

Being a local of Southern California with an Annual Pass to Disneyland --my must see list won't be the same as someone that isn't familiar with Disneyland.  For example there is really no need to spend our time on rides that are just clones of their West Coast counterparts.   So if things like Space Mountain are not on my list that is why. 

1. Expedition Everest:   (Pictures from Pinterest)

The last time I was in Disneyworld this still being built.  So it is by far the ride or attraction I'm the most excited to go on  (even if the Yeti never works).   I can't wait to walk through the line and take a ton of pictures of this iconic ride and attraction 

2.  Kilimanjaro Safari   (Pictures from Pinterest)

This is far and away one of my favorite rides and attractions in Orlando.  I love this ride and it feels like a totally different experience ever single time you ride it.  This is one of the reasons that Animal Kingdom is my favorite park at the Disneyworld resort. You can get some amazing pictures on this ride and see something new ever time you ride it.  It is probably 15 times better than taking an actual Africa Safari.

3.  Visiting the Polynesian Resort: (Pictures from Pinterest)

My Love for Tiki is almost as big as my Love for Disney.   So a return to the Polynesian Resort is a must.    Plus I also have a Tiki Blog...and can't wait to post pictures of it.   I would stay here if we could afford to...Hopefully we can on some future trip.

4.  Tuto Gusto Wine Bar in Epcot (Pictures from Pinterest)

Ever since we saw that this place opened we knew that we had to go here and check it out.   I love Epcot and the fact that every country is like New Orleans square in Disneyland in its detail and depth.   (We also do a Wine Blog so stopping at the Italy Wine bar is a must see)

5.  Dinosaurs : The Ice Room at the T-Rex Restaurant in Downtown Disney and the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom
(Pictures from Pinterest)
By the same folks that do the Rainforest Cafe... the T-Rex Restaurant looks amazing.  Who wouldn't want to eat in an ice cave.   The Ride at Animal Kingdom is basically Indiana Jones with Dinosaurs.

6.  Test Track:   Tron Style  (Pictures from Pinterest)
Test Track is a great ride and they basically just redid the whole thing to look like Tron  (without officially calling it Tron).   A must ride attraction at Epcot.   The last time I went to Epcot --the ride I was most excited about was Mission Space....Until it made me sick....Test Track was the surprise ride that I loved.

7.  Festival of the Lion King  (Pictures from Pinterest)

A must see show for anyone that love the music of this iconic Disney film.   Best thing this side of seeing the actual Broadway show.

8.  Rock'n Rollercoaster (Pictures from Pinterest)

I've only ever been on this ride once before...and I remember loving this fun indoor coaster that has a twist and a fun soundtrack

9.  Tower of Terror (Pictures from Pinterest)

Hands down this version is way better than the California version.  
The section that moves in a way an elevator shouldn't is worth admission to the park

10.  The Living Seas

The Living Seas Attraction at Epcot revivals must aquariums that you can visit.  I love this place and can't wait to check it out again.

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