Saturday, December 13, 2014

Disney/Pixar Animated Short Reviews: #49 Space Walkies 2014 7 out of 10

Space Walkies  2014  7  out of 10

This latest Mickey Mouse Cartoon opens with Mickey piloting a rocket ship that is a throwback to the old Disneyland TWA Moonliner.  I love when they add this cool little nods to Disney and Disneyland history.

Anyway back to the cartoon.  Mickey is about to land his rocket ship but Pluto needs to go to the bathroom.  So Mickey ends up taking Pluto on the silliest space walk -space has ever seen.  Chip and Dale make a surprise cameo that leads Mickey and Pluto on a chase through space to the sounds of some Space Surf music that again is a throwback to the the song that used to play in Space Mountain.  
They finally make it back to their ship in time to reenter the atmosphere and land right in Tomorrowland.
 It was a good effort ---even with the weird subject matter of having to go to the bathroom.

It can be found on Disney online and the Disney Channel

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