Friday, March 4, 2016

3 Things to look Forward to in the next Month at the Disneyland Resort (Well maybe 2)

1.       The Return of Food and Wine. 
I can't wait for the return of the this event and to see what they have planned.   
  April 1st – May 1st

Unfortunately like many cool things these days if you snooze you lose.   I heard the announcement that it was coming back a few weeks ago. And as I was writing this I decided to check and see if they had announced anything yet....and they had just a few days ago.   Celebrity Chefs doing demonstrations and the return of Wine Seminars.... But instead of lining up to get in first come first serve they set up a system of making reservations--which meant nothing was available that I wanted to see already 2 days after the posting on the Disney Parks Blog.   Hopefully more things like the Taste Event or Wine Maker diners are still to come..... I'll be on the look out.

Here is a Link to Disney Parks Blog all about it.

2.       Jungle Book Sneak Peek  March 18th

     If you follow my blog --you will know that I'm a huge fan of the sneak peeks of upcoming Disney movies that they have been showing in the parks.....I Can't wait to see what the Jungle Book will deliver.  

Here is the link to the Disney Parks Blog all about it

3.  Luigi’s Rollicking Roadsters.   I know it is just a simple kids ride—but it has to be an improvement over the lack luster Flying Tires  Opens March 7th

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