Saturday, March 12, 2016

Disney/Pixar Animated Short Reviews: #69 Feliz Cumpleanos 2015 7 out of 10

Feliz Cumpleanos  2015  7 out of 10

This Mickey Mouse cartoon is one of the around the world style cartoons.    It features a Mexican Mickey Mouse celebrating his birthday when a bunch of rogue pinatas decided to attack. 
 It reminded me of El Guapo from Three Amigos.   Mickey must do battle with a pink donkey pinata and his gang.   Mickey takes a beating at first but after being smashed face first into his cake he musters up the energy to take on the pinatas in a flurry of action.  The action is like something out of Samurai Jack as Mickey Dispatches with the villainous Pinata gang.  This cartoon is less about the gags and more about the action sequences.

  The cartoon includes Goofy singing and a cameo by the Three Cabelleros playing music.

You can check it out on Disney Online or the Disney Channel.

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