Sunday, March 13, 2016

Disney/Pixar Animated Short Reviews: #70 Road Hogs 2015 5 out of 10

Road Hogs 2015  5 out of 10

Mickey and Minnie are taking a pleasant scooter ride up the coast and decide to stop at what turns out to be a biker bar for milkshakes.   This wasn't one of my favorites in the series.   Mickey's scooter does the biker bar trope of knocking over all of the biker gangs bikes.  The bikers which area bunch of dirty looking pigs "Road Hogs". They are showing plumbers cracks which seemed a little inappropriate  for a Mickey cartoon.  They also kidnap Minnie while Mickey is trying to make up the bike incident with Milkshakes, which was a little odd.  This episode just wasn't as funny as most of the episodes in the series.  Mickey has to ride off to save Minnie from the bikers and ends up saving the main "Road Hog" as well and they all ride off into the sunset.   It was just a dull entry in the Mickey Mouse cartoon series.

You can check it out on Disney Online or the Disney Channel.

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