Saturday, November 14, 2015

Disney/Pixar Animated Short Reviews: #66 Movie Time 2015 6 out of 10

Movie Time 2015   6 out of 10

In the latest Mickey Mouse cartoon --Mickey Mouse braves the storm of the century in search of snacks for movie time.  This wasn't one of the better cartoons in the series.  Mickey basically ignores the storm warning -because movie time without snacks is unthinkable.  The storm rages on as he blindly wanders through the streets with the wind blowing other animals past him.  The cartoon relies on the man focused on his task unaware of the wacky things happening around him concept.  He gets to the store and is trying to pick out a bag of chips as the storm rages on.  Finally he realizes how bad the storm is as it levels the building he is in his the shop owner and then he tries to rescue Minnie --getting electrocuted several times in the attempt.  It was a decent cartoon with several okay sight gags --but it just didn't rise to the level of many of the cartoons in the series.  

You can see these cartoons on Disney online or the Disney Channel.

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