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Ultimate Epcot: If money was no object --What would you add to Epcot: Part 7 Wonders of Life (Inside Out)

The Wonders of Life Pavilion has just been sitting there for quite awhile now. I'm not sure of what remains inside the Pavilion as I believe it has only been used in recent years for things like Food and Wine and stuff like that.  

 This Pavilion used to house Body Wars -A Star Wars style ride that took you into the human body--and made people want to upchuck their lunch. It also included Cranium Command--which was clearly an inspiration for the recent Pixar movie Inside Out.  

Immediately the thought came to me as well as thousands of others that recall the attraction was that a clear opportunity to make use of the old ride has presented itself.
 In Ultimate Epcot we have been talking about what you would add to each section of World Showcase “If money was no object”.   So let's turn our attention to the Wonders of Life Pavilion
( seen below in this old Picture from Pinterest.)

    (Photo from Pinterest)

    The realistic thing would be for Disney to just retool the old Cranium Command attraction which basically took you inside a youth's brain and had celebrity voices portraying the different parts of the body as the youth made his way through a day at school.    Ultimate Epcot: We look at the big picture:  "If money was no object" The celebrity voices wouldbe replaced of course by the characters from the movie Inside Out.  This would be a great little attraction.   The same concept --Just updated with this cool new characters.

But of course thinking bigger  "If Money was no Object"  they could do so much more with the Inside Out concept.  Think of an entire Inside Out pavilion with interactive exhibits about the entire human body.  An Innoventions style building with stuff like a kids roller coaster like the transporation vehicle in the film.   How fun would little kids have with giant memory walls where the lights change colors when they touch them,

I know ball pits have gone the way of the Dodo --but a Memory Ball pool or interactive game where the kids have to retrieve memory balls would be fun.

Character Meet and Greets or alittle show featuring Bing Bong.   There are so many possibilities with the world of Inside Out.   I can't wait to check out the new Inside Out short film Riley's first date...which will come out with the DVD.

Pixar really knocked it out of the park concept wise with this film and it lends itself to a Wonders of Life Pavilion Reboot.

What would you like to see "If Money was no object"?

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