Sunday, November 22, 2015

Star Wars Path of the Jedi and Star Tours: A Seasons of the Force Story.

A couple of days before Seasons of the Force officially opened I was lucky enough to ride Hyperspace Mountain as a part of a soft opening.   I absolutely loved Hyperspace Mountain (you can read about that in the link below).

My plan of attack was to catch some of the rest of the new Star Wars offerings as we wait for Star Wars Land to be built.    
I got to Disneyland early for rope drop and waited to get into Tomorrowland (watching hotel guests poor into the area for 20 minutes --before the rope hit the ground).

The rope hit the ground and the slightly organized stampede begin as guests took off into Tomorrowland.   I assume the bulk of this crowd was heading straight to Hyperspace Mountain......  luckily I had other plans.    I veered to the right and straight into a 2 minute line for Star Tours  (the line would get much bigger an hour into the day).   The droid welcomed me and I was off to Jakku.  

The ride starts off with one of the standard opening sequences (I got Vader) --but after the first jump to lightspeed I was off on a short adventure into the new film.   Finn shows up on the side screen to warn us away and then we are off following the Falcon through the downed Star Destroyer from the trailers.   It was a great little sequence.  To ride along with the Falcon was yet another Star Wars dream come true.   The chase takes us into the bowels of the destroyer and we land briefly in a room full of scavengers --before quickly making a wild escape out of the vessel and leaping back into space.   Then we get a transmission from BB-8 who communicates with C-3PO and R2D2 before sending us on the rest of our mission.    Story wise the addition of the sequence doesn't make sense -(especially since we got Vader at the beginning of the ride)---  But who cares.......We got to go to Jakku before the movie even comes out.

After the ride I decided to head over to the Captain EO theater for Star Wars : Path of the Jedi.

Path of the Jedi is a short little film that makes some use of the in theater effects and basically acts as a primer for the new films.   The film could have been edited better to recap the story in a more organized way...but once again it didn't matter..... Because it was Star Wars up on the big screen.  The in theater effects when the Falcon jumps to hyperspace really added something new to the Star Wars experience.  There was a cool wind effect as well. The highlight  for me was just seeing Luke and Han on the big screen again.  Han Solo is just so much larger than life every second he is on the screen and his return in the Force Awakens will be epic. 
The clips featured many iconic moments from the previous Star Wars films (mostly from episodes IV -  VI)   It had some of the coolest lightsaber battles and great Han/Leia moments and just really got you pumped up for the new films.....and then they show the Monday night Football trailer. 

If you can sit through Path of the Jedi and not want to see the new Star Wars movie ---then you are just dead inside.

After the film I walked over to check out the Star Wars Launch Bay.  The sign outside the Launch Bay said that it didn't open until 10am.   So I turned around and walked right back into Path of the Jedi for a second time.  I'm sure I'll go back and watch it again the next time I head the parks.  Then I decided to got and wait in line for Launch Bay to open while John Williams music played throughout the area.     Seasons of the Force is a huge hit for me.  It is like having a Star Wars Land --while we wait for the real Star Wars Land to be built.

Here is the link to Star Wars Launch Bay.

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