Sunday, November 15, 2015

Seasons of the Force Signs that Star Wars is coming to Disneyland in full force tomorrow.

Media day for Seasons of the Force was on Thursday this week.  The Seasons of the Force kicks off on Monday November 16th --but some features had been having soft opening all weekend. 
 I couldn't wait for the official opening so we headed out to the park to see if we could check out some of the stuff.   

 Hyperspace Mountain was our first stop and it was open.  (I'll save that for it's own blog tomorrow).   

The Launching Bay wasn't open yet and neither was the Path to the Jedi film clips (which was open the day before).
We also hit Star Tours --but did not get to see the new segment.

The signage for Seasons of the Force was all over the place and the old Star Trader was literally all Star Wars now.  (I'll blog about that this week as well)

For today I'll just give you a sneak peek at the Signage that shows Tomorrowland has turned into Star Wars already.

Right at the entrance of Tomorrowland it is clear that Star Wars has arrived.

Lightside and Darkside Banners line the Peoplemover tracks.

Here is Rey

Poe Dameron and BB-8

Luke Skywalker



Han and Chewie



Darth Maul

Assajj Ventress

The Darkside

Tomorrow I'll get into my review of Hyperspace Mountain and then later in the week I'll have a lot more to post once I get a chance to see all the rest of Seasons of the Force.

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