Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hyperspace Mountain: A Quick Little Review

This ride is a 10 out of 10

Hyperspace Mountain opened yesterday….and having been on it this weekend it is a very welcome overlay.   It is meant to just be temporary for Seasons of the Force, but I really wish this will become a permanent addition.   I know saying this will probably upset some die hard nostalgic Disneyland fans---but this addition really is an enhancement for the ride.    In the same way that the ride was enhanced by the addition of the music a long time ago---the addition of an X-wing and Tie-Fighter battle enhances the ride even further.    I don’t think I can imagine Space Mountain going back to the old version again.   I feel like it would feel like Small World does after the Holiday overlay is gone.    Small World during the Holidays is magical and full of color.  When they put the holiday decorations away all I notice is the gaps where all the holiday decorations were.   I feel like when Space Mountain removes the overlay I will just notice all the stuff that is missing.

 Space Mountain is a great ride –but HyperSpace Mountain takes it to the next level.   The John Williams soundtrack is amazing and its adds it fighter calls from the battle as well.   Tie Fighter and Star Destroyers surround you as you exit from Hyperspace.   X-wings fly by  you as you battle off the empire.   the best moment coming toward the end as a Tie –Fighter comes straight at you as your vehicle goes over a drop.  This scene felt just like the giant Boulder in the Indiana Jones ride.    I can’t imagine Space Mountain without this effect going forward.   Check out the ride everyday during Seasons of the Force.....Now at Disneyland

As the guy in the Buzz Lightyear clothes would say " To Infinity and Beyond"

Later in the week I will discuss the rest of the Seasons of the Force once I venture back out to the parks for more fun.

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