Friday, May 27, 2016

Alice Sneak Peek at DCA

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There is another fun 4-D Sneak Peek to check out at the Disneyland Resort.   With the new Frozen Stage Show starting this week at the Hyperion theater—the Muppet’s theater was left empty and a sneak Peek of Alice Through the Looking Glass moved in.   
The waiting area has some fun interactive photo booths that use the technology that I’ve seen on phones that will turn you into a character from Alice.   

The sneak peek itself was okay…but despite the films dazzling visuals I wasn’t as compelled to see this movie the same way I have been with most of Disney’s other sneak peeks.  I guess this return to Wonderland seems more money based than ---“we have another great story to tell” (that is just my opinion).  The first Alice made a ton of money at the box office so a sequel was inevitable.   The plot of this sequel just isn’t really capturing my imagination.    The sneak peek itself has many the fun 4-D features that make watching these sneak peeks so enjoyable in the parks.

If you are a fan of Alice –check out the sneak peek now in DCA’s Muppet’s Theater.

The movie opens in theaters May 27th

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